11th Annual Invitational Softball Tournament

11th Annual Dalton CRA Invitational Softball Tournament

2021 Softball Tournament Results
Congratulations, Teams!

Champion        Greylock Thunder
Runner Up        Dalton Warriors

Champion        ACS Swat
Runner Up        Greylock Thunder

Champion        Berkshire Force
Runner Up        ACS Swat

Champion        Lady Outlaws
Runner Up        Guilderland Bulldogs


2021 Rules, Schedules and Field Locations:

CRA 2021 Softball Tournament Program


Dustin Belcher, Tournament Director

Joe Maruco, Umpire in Chief


Committee Members

Rob Kowalczyk
Lisa Farley
Jen Belcher
Eric Keegan
Collin Parrott
Dan and Colleen Kays
Tom O’Connor
Charlene Auger
Eric Payson

Tournament Locations

Pine Grove Park
1 Curtis Ave. • Dalton, MA
Fields 1 and 2 are located at Pine Grove as well as the Main Tent.
This is where you will register for the tournament.