Life Lessons… the positive effects of youth sports (A middle school essay)


I like the Fitness Center at the CRA because it fulfills my needs to stay relatively fit after a stroke and a back operation.  I also like the fact the staff at the CRA and Fitness Center are very nice and accommodating.  The Fitness Center is clean, has new state of the art machines to promote exercises for fitness.  It is conveniently close to where I live

~Dr. George Vazakas


I started going to the CRA in February of 2011 after suffering a stroke.   The fantastic Berkshire Physical Therapy team introduced me to the CRA Fitness Center and I have been using it ever since.
All new equipment was installed in July of this year which makes working out a pleasure. Jennifer and the rest of the CRA staff are always present to help and give advice,  and to ensure all the equipment is in peak working condition.  They always take the time to answer any questions or help with your workout plan.

CRA Fitness Center members and staff present a very personal and friendly type environment you won’t find in a “big box” commercial type gym.

I highly recommend it for all age groups.

~Jerry Christopher


When people ask me about the CRA I tell them it is a Community House.
Inside you will find all kinds of people, all different shapes, all
different sizes, all different ages, and all different abilities.
It’s a life style change.
Everyone gets to know each other in the classes or in the gym and if
you skip a day, you will be missed.

~Carrie Wagenknecht


The Dalton CRA Fitness Center is a dynamic, friendly place to spend an hour to ninety minutes working out.  The clients are open to new members and welcome with open arms visitors or new members.  With the popularity of the fitness center, you might think it would be too busy to find available machines.  Not true.  There is always a treadmill, elliptical or bike open for use.  Weight training is easy and quick with the FreeMotion machines. 

 The staff is extremely friendly and helpful as well.  Jennifer McNulty, the new fitness director, has created an atmosphere that is clean and professional.  She jumps at the chance to provide information about the new machines and about training in general without being pushy.  She is a great addition to the center. 

I go to the health club fitness center five to six times a week and every day I notice interesting additions from Jennifer’s  ‘100 day contest’  to Tom Cooney’s, the director of the on-site Berkshire Physical Therapy,  ‘Question of the Day’.  Activities such as these are energy boosters and motivators.  They make it easy to get up and to go work out. 

Many of the regular ‘customers’ make the experience enjoyable as well.  I have been a member for 17 years and there are quite a few others who have been there right along with me. 

Personal training occurs throughout the day and it’s always interesting to ‘listen in’ to the trainers to pick up new tips.

The recent, very positive, article in the Berkshire Eagle did not do the Center justice.  In short if you are looking for a home town, comfortable gym for your daily work-out, you would be very happy at the Dalton CRA Fitness Center. 

~Pat West


If you enjoy a typical fitness center – a Metropolis of seriously somber zombies – then the Dalton CRA Fitness Center is not for you.  If you are light at heart, or want to be, then the Dalton CRA Fitness Center extends an open arms policy.  Our Fitness Center in Dalton is a fun place.  We exercise, of course, on the many, varied, up-to-date equipment.  But we know and like each other and if you’re new, we welcome and embrace you.  If you’re not an embraceable person, we do not invade your space.  The rest of us talk (gossip) and work out, laugh and work out, tell jokes and work out, and become each other’s therapists.  I have been a member for nearly 20 years.  Paraphrasing Henry Higgins, going to the fitness center is second nature to me now – like breathing out and breathing in.

~Rocco Fumento


I started working out at the CRA Fitness Center in November 2011.  It’s not the first gym that I’ve been a member of so my personal experience at other gyms gives me something to compare the CRA with.  Frankly, there’s not much of a comparison.

The differences are many, encompassing several aspects of what a fitness center should be and more importantly, what it has to offer.  It’s what the CRA offers that sets it apart.  From the numerous fitness classes including aerobics, weight lifting, swimming pool fitness (and more) to the sauna, basketball and racquetball courts, the range of fitness activities for a CRA member ensure something for everyone.  Furthermore, the fitness programs are implemented and overseen by a friendly, professional staff who clearly enjoy doing what they do.  They’re always ready to answer any questions that you have and provide solid, well informed advice regardless of your age or overall fitness level. 

My experience as a member of the CRA Fitness Center has been a good one.  I use the Fitness Center primarily to lift weights and I find the gym itself to have everything I need set up in a clean, well organized fashion.  I never feel pressured or rushed by other members when using equipment and I don’t feel like I’m in a macho contest while lifting weights.  The other members tend to be respectful and accommodating towards one another, giving each other space when needed without a fuss.

As I said, I’ve been to other gyms and I can honestly say that I’d recommend the CRA Fitness Center over any of them.  With its numerous activities, helpful staff, modern equipment, and relaxed atmosphere, I can’t see how anyone would be disappointed.

~Marc Taylor


How do I know the Dalton CRA ?  Starting back in the 1950’s when I was a young girl it was swimming lessons with Mrs. Drake.  Into the 1960’s with Wahconah High School girls groups, Crayettes and Pheoesbe Clubs.  And of course hanging out in the back room watching “Batman” on Thursday nights.  In the 1970’s and 80’s with my daughter for their swimming lessons and ballet with Mrs. Conuel.  I took up evening racquetball during its prime popularity remembering such greats as Pete Cimini and Fran Reardon.    I’m still playing racquetball and enjoying a trip to the CRA, averaging four times a week.  The work-out classes and boot camps are great.   I’ve remained faithful through the many Fitness Directors, and have always stated that my favorite Fitness Director is  “the current one”.    My goal at the Dalton CRA is to keep working out, working hard, swimming laps and give 96 year- old Stacia Garvey a run for her money.

~Pam Turner


There are many options for fitness centers in Berkshire Country, but the Dalton CRA is a one of a kind “well being” facility. It is more than a fitness center, because it is full of friendly smiling faces that care about everybody in the facility. There is something for everybody, from first time visitor to fitness guru. Both the staff and the members take time to get to know you; not just your name. The Fitness Director Jennifer McNulty is always open to help anyone attain their own fitness goals, big or small. The atmosphere at the Dalton CRA goes beyond just getting your body to a certain weight or being physically healthy. It is a place for all shapes and sizes people to go to become physically, mentally, and spiritually happy. I strongly encourage anybody to come and experience the people and facilities that are offered at the Dalton CRA because it’s a place that is easy to find, but hard to match.

-Brian Eseppi


The Dalton CRA is a wonderful local resource to assist with maintaining an optimal, healthy lifestyle.  I like the instruction offered in group exercise classes.  Aerobics, strength and balance, muscle development and yoga are all helpful and fun ways to keep in shape.  In a group situation, there is the added encouragement to keep fit in a setting with like-minded others.  It works for me.

-Annmarie Cicchetti