Board of Governors

The Board of Governors of the CRA consists of volunteers from our community who meet on a regular basis to look at the long term goals of the CRA and to provide input and support to the Executive Director. In addition, the board consists of honorary board members that may not be involved in the long term planning, but have a unique talent or skill to share with the board. If you are interested in learning more about the Board of Governors or have any questions or comments that you would like to share with them,  please feel free to contact them through email at

Dalton Community Recreation Association, Inc. Board of Governors Responsibilities
The Community Recreation Association, Inc. Board of Governors responsibilities is to oversee the operations of the Youth Center and the CRA for the Winthrop Murray Crane Board of Trustees.

Functions will include the following:

  • Attend Board Meetings (approx. 5 per year with the potential of additional special meetings as needed)
  • Review Financial Statements (the financial statements are mailed to each board member before meeting dates and will be reviewed at each board meeting)
  • Review Committee Reports (Management staff will prepare written reports that are mailed to each board member prior to the meeting and will be reviewed at the meeting)
  • Decide on long and short term policies
  • Take active role in at least one sub-committee
  • Volunteer for various fundraising events, i.e. Gib Kittredge, Golf Tournament, etc.
  • Board of Governors Sub-Committees are:
    1. Program Committee – This committee presents recommendations of yearly membership rates, evaluates existing programs and proposes new programming ideas.
    2. Capital Committee – This committee develops yearly capital improvements for the building and grounds, which are, then presented to the Trustees for approval.
    3. H.R. Committee – This Committee assists the Executive Director in development of policies, procedures and employment issues for the organization.
    4. Long Term Planning – This committee is developing the agencies 5 – 10 year plan.
    5. Finance Committee – This committee reviews the financial aspects of the organization and provides assistance and advice to the Executive Director and staff.
    6. Fundraising Committee – This Committee assists and advises the Executive Director and staff in development of fundraising opportunities.

Current Board of Governors

Sarah Bachli
Ron DeFoe – Clerk
Mary Frost – Treasurer

Dan Kays
Jackie Kelly
Bernie Klem – Vice President
Chris Montferret
Alison Peters – Executive Director
Laura Quinn
Leslie Reed
Richard E. Rowe
June Roy
-Martin – President

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